Corporate Packages in NYC

The Corporate package is all about in-house or out-house photography or photography at a destination. The corporate package is often the choice of the clients who wish to build their corporate image. This can be done in many ways and by availing many different services. This can include taking professional headshots and capturing the office and its environment. It can also include short videos that can be strategically utilized by the client when they have a potential customer visiting. 

Event photography is also a part of the corporate package. This includes the destination Portraits to help the firm build their image while on a business trip. Destination Portraits are those photos you take at your favorite location while one a corporate trip. 

These pictures once taken are snapshots that will remain with the firm as a memory of a good achievement or deal with their client. At our Columbia Photo Studio, we offer the corporate package and are quite flexible in the services we offer. 

We deliver quality, convenience and consistency. Our experienced photographers specialize in executive portraits, corporate headshots and corporate events of all sizes. We offer in-studio and on location portraits giving you the choice of background.

Quality & Convenience

We understand how busy the workweek is, so there is no need to make out of office arrangements. Columbia Photo Studio will cater to your schedule and work with you. Check out our Corporate Packages and see which one suits your needs.