Walk-In Portraits in NYC

Walk-In Portraits


Portrait photography of a person is a photo that captures the personality of the person. This is done by using the lights effectively and with the help of backdrops and a good pose. It is common for corporate employees to have their Portraits taken. This type of image is best taken in a studio were the lighting can be adjusted in terms of direction and intensity.

As any professional would know, it takes special skill and knowledge to take the perfect portrait photo. There are many factors involved in taking a portrait photo. The photo should have the correct lighting and backdrop, but that is not all. Since it is a portrait, it is essential that the photo have expression. A portrait without expression is not a true portrait. The person should act naturally and be relaxed and should have an expression like a smile. This helps us to connect with the person via the photo. 

A portrait also needs to have depth in the photo. The photo you take is bound to be 2 dimensional, however it is important to remember that the eyes play an important role in making the image pop out. By taking special care of the foreground, background and middle ground the photo depth can be achieved. Finally, it takes an expert like us to manipulate the camera settings and choose the correct lens to get that perfect portrait photo. Our photographers at the NYC photo studio, know their camera settings and can get creative to click the perfect shot. Besides which, one should not forget the basics, which is to make sure we have a good pose.