Destination Portraits in NYC

Destination Portraits are those photos you take at your favorite location with the ones you love or while you are on corporate trip. These portraits are snapshots in time that will remain in memory forever since they are sealed in our photos. Such family excursions are timeless and is something that you can tell your grandchildren about. We travel where you go and require to have a photo session. 

Destination Portraits are like going one step further than on-site portraits. Our experts at the NYC photo studio can follow you to your destination no matter what the nature of your trip might be like corporate or family vacation and be of service when you require to capture the happy moments. 

While on an exertion there may be many opportunities for a photo shoot. It may be that there is only one occasion for the photo shoot and hence our service is required only once. Depending on the type of the trip, it may also be that the photographer is required throughout the day. The best way to do this would be to be pre-plan the time and places of the photo shoot with as much detail as possible along with the outfit that everyone will be wearing. Although it is not uncommon for someone to request a change of clothes during a photo shoot for a more diverse photo album. We ensure a good experience with the destination portraits and remain flexible with requests we receive.