Engagement Photos in NYC



Engagement photos are different from Wedding Day photography in the sense that the Wedding Day event is likely to be at a known location where such services are available. But this is not the case when it comes to Engagement photo shoot or Pre-wedding photo shoot. 

To start with, the location of an Engagement Photoshoot can be a location you least expect as a photographer; since it will usually be picked by the couple themselves. Many couples prefer taking photos with a popular landmark in the background, others want a good scenery, while some like it near the ocean. In fact, Long Island has many good beaches with the perfect conditions for sea side engagement photos. 

Taking engagement photos also requires the photographer to give the couple freedom of time and space to do their thing. It is highly likely that the couple may bring a change of clothes and request being photographed in many different clothes. The time of the day is an important factor too, since it dictates what is captured in the background and also the level of sunlight. Among other factors are the weather. The weather often poses many challenges during a photo session however, an experienced photographer knows how to make the most of every situation.

Photography of an engagement party or a planned proposal may not be very hard to handle.  An experienced photographer would know the perfect method of handling these situations. The photography of a surprise proposal can pose a bit of a challenge and take the skills of an expert photographer to pull it off without a hitch. Our photographers at the NYC photo studio promise the best proposal photos.