On-Site Portraits in NYC

Portrait photography of a person captures the personality of the person in a picture.  While walk-in portraits are very popular and there are several places where this can be done, not everyone will be fine for an on-site portrait. The main reason being that portrait photography requires the light effects and the backdrops to be perfect. There needs to be good clear space available and the person should be able to pose there comfortably.

Since it is a Portrait, their needs to be some expression. Besides which the photo also needs depth which can be arranged by taking care of the foreground, middle ground and background. Furthermore, it requires special camera settings and lenses too. All these factors make taking photos at the customer’s site slightly tricky. 

We do offer our customers On-site portraits since we have the skill and experience to be able to handle the customer requests. However, this also means that the customer will need to provide a clear space on-site which is likely to be a corporate office. The space should be clear enough for the photographer to be able to setup of the lights, have a clear background so that the reflection does not spoil the photo. Besides which the background of the photo needs to be clear as well. 

It takes special skill to take a Portrait photo and it is every harder to take a portrait photo on-site at the customer’s location. At our NYC photo studio we have the appropriate skill set to take such pictures.