Reception Photos in NYC 

The Wedding reception is a good opportunity for couple to meet their relatives. These moments can be captured by memorable photos and good photography. Wedding Reception photography has several well defined stages where the photographer has an opportunity to take good photos. As experienced photographers, we are aware of the perfect moment to take the best photos. 

To start with almost every reception will begin with a grand entrance of the couple. This is referred to as the cocktail hour and usually involves taking creative pictures of the newly wedded couple. The style of the grand entrance may differ as per the choice of the couple, hence it is necessary for the photographer to make appropriate arrangements to be able to capture the grand entrance in the best way possible.

Our experts at the NYC photo studio are well organized and well prepared. Capturing the first dance in the photos is quite important. This can be done by taking close up shots of the couple dancing. Additionally, this can be taken from several perspectives like from the perspective of the guest and many others. The light and background play an important role while trying to capture the first dance in images.

The lighting arrangements can be done in many different styles. It is quite common for receptions to arrange additional lighting in the form of uplighting. Uplighting is popular with DJ bands. To shoot the new couple with up lightling, it is best to look for a smooth and light coloured wall. Doing so will enhance the photos and help the couple create a memorable moment.