Wedding Packages in NYC

We have been involved at several weddings over the years and taken many photographs of couples enjoying their special moment. Every wedding presents a new set of challenges when it comes to taking the best shots. However, for a couple a Wedding is more than just the Wedding day. There are many other moments worth capturing that lead up to the marriage day. Hence, there is the Wedding package for those who want to capture every moment in an awesome album.

The Wedding Package includes all the three important wedding programs. This the pre-wedding photos and engagement photos, the wedding itself and finally the reception photos. The reason we are so successful with Wedding photography is that we get to know the bride and the groom first. It is essential for the photographer to know the finer details and special requirements of the new couple. We are able to capture the perfect moments during the pre-wedding engagement, the wedding and the reception as well by simply communicating better.

It often happens when the couple looks back at their album, they find several mistakes and photos which could have been better. For example, for some the lighting was not be good, for others they were not creative, for some the photos may be too serious and sober and they look back to regret not having more smiling photos or fun photos. At our NYC photo studio, we have organized ourselves to avoid just these regrets from the married couple.